Roman numerals in Unicode

This page lists Unicode characters for Roman numerals for easy copy & paste. The 4-character code is the Unicode value of each character. See Learn Roman numerals and Converter for more information on using Roman numerals.

Basic Latin letters

I0049 i00691
V0056 v00765
X0058 x007810
L004C l006C50
C0043 c0063100
D0044 d0064500
M004D m006D1000
j00701, as last digit: iij = 3

Number Forms

According to Unicode: For most purposes, it is preferable to compose the Roman numerals from sequences of the appropriate Latin letters (above). The letter-like symbols below are single characters for special use. They have been encoded in the Number Forms block for compatibility with East Asian standards. Unlike sequences of Latin letters, these symbols remain upright in vertical layout. Additionally, in certain locales, compact date formats use Roman numerals for the month, but may expect the use of a single character.

2160 21701
2161 21712
2162 21723
2163 21734
2164 21745
2165 21756
2166 21767
2167 21778
2168 21789
2169 217910
216A 217A11
216B 217B12
216C 217C50
216D 217D100
216E 217E500
216F 217F1000

Archaic Roman numerals

Unicode block Number Forms.

21801000 = M
21815000 = V
218210000 = X
2183reverse C, used in combinations such as CCIↃↃ
2184lowercase Ↄ
21856, late form
218650, early form
218750000 = L
2188100000 = C


Unicode block Ancient Symbols.

𐆐10190212 = sextans
𐆑10191112 = uncia
𐆒10192124 = semuncia
𐆓10193172 = sextula
𐆔101941144 = dimidia sextula
𐆕1019511728 = siliqua

Other fractions. The following Unicode characters are not specifically for Roman numerals only.

·00B7112 = uncia
:003A212 = sextans
2234312 = quadrans
2237412 = triens
2059512 = quincunx
S005312 = semis
Σ03A3124 = semuncia (sigma)
Є0404124 = semuncia
𐅀10140148 = sicilicus (Greek acrophonic attic one quarter)
21081288 = scripulum (scruple)

There are several alternatives of some of the fractions.

Unsuitable characters

Fraktur (blackletter) or cursive characters are generally not used for writing Roman numerals.


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